Bipartisanship needs to die

Notes from a Leftist without a party

Biden and Trump. Public Domain

The Republican and Democratic parties have become so splintered and broken that many politically educated people are refraining from identifying with either of them. In the GOP there are wings of the party that span a long axis from libertarian to conservative on issues of the economy and culture. Beyond those differences are people who belong to the Trump wing, and within the Trump wing are several different factions ranging from normal middle-class people who believe (erroneously) that Trump is fighting for them to QAnon conspiracy theorists who believed that Trump was the only man alive who could stop a massive pedophile ring in DC.

The broken GOP party has been spoken about a million times on every outlet, including even conservative channels and journalists, so let’s focus on the Democratic Party for today.

The Democratic party is so fractured that its populist leader, Bernie Sanders, isn’t even truly a Democrat — but rather a self-respecting Independent. The so-called “Bernie-wing” of the party proposes progressive ideals that are in line with most of the European Union countries. These proposals include universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, repairing our infrastructure, imposing corporate taxes, and taxing the extremely wealthy. These ideas are extremely popular with the general public, and some of them even have backing from a few conservative senators. Bernie took the nation by storm in 2016 with his populist agenda but ultimately lost in a rigged primary against Hilary Clinton. Donna Brazile, chairwoman of the DNC, admitted in federal court that the DNC selected Clinton as a candidate up to a year before the primary elections. Rather than letting Democrats vote for their candidate, the DNC selected one behind closed doors, a glaring example of the corrupt infrastructure of what was once the Party of the People.

Another wing of the party is the “identity politics” people. This wing, which initially was meant to stand for diversity in a government largely ran by white men from non-immigrant families, has recently been hijacked. Having a “first [enter-race/gender here]” take a substantial office is good, and it speaks to our melting pot of a nation — as the son of immigrants it truly does mean something to see other people from ethnic backgrounds in government — but that should never be the main goal. Now, people are more concerned with color than policy, which means that a deplorable figure who would otherwise be condemned by the public because of their ideologies and policies is now cheered instead for their ethnic identity.

One example of this is Vice President Kamala Harris, who inflicted a lot of harm to the Black community through draconian laws and rulings during her time as District Attorney in San Francisco. Another is retired general Lloyd Austin, Biden’s pick for Secretary of Defense, who is the first Black person to hold the position. It was against the law to appoint Austin in the first place due to his close ties to the military (the Secretary of Defense is supposed to be civilian, so any former military member must have been retired for at least 7 years before attaining the position, while Austin has only been removed from service for 4 years). Since retiring from the military Austin has sat on the board of Raytheon Technologies, one of the top defense contractors in the world. Our government has always believed that civilian control of the military is necessary for a democracy to avoid becoming a military imperialistic nation, but Austin’s interests are clearly militaristic and imperialistic in nature. Yet the “anti-war party” passed him through anyway by signing a waiver (which was almost unanimously approved by congress).

The Democratic leaders use this behavior — appointing officials of a certain ethnic background to claim that they support the people of this ethnicity —but then they do nothing to help those people. For example, the people of Flint Michigan (mostly Black, mostly poor) were poisoned by water with lead and legionnaire’s disease going through their taps. This is largely the fault of corrupt Governor Rick Snyder who is facing misdemeanor charges resulting in either one year in prison or a $1,000 fine for his actions that poisoned an entire community with scores of sicknesses and several deaths. Another example is the BLM protests, which have been going on since the Obama Administration, and yet congressional Democrats have done nothing to address the core issue of police brutality. This “identity politics” wing of the party is like a bad salesman presenting you with fake solutions to real problems. They claim to be helping minorities by hiring certain individuals, but then nobody does anything to help the minority or impoverished communities they claim to represent.

Last but not least are the establishment democrats. These people have all of the worst qualities of establishment republicans — a clear sign that the two-party system is more like a one-party system. These people believe in endless wars, regime changes, sanctioning countries to starvation (i.e. Venezuela, which has 40,000 deaths a year that can be traced back to the USA, and most countries in the middle east, whose economies can never grow due to the strict US sanctions on their imports and exports). These establishment democrats refuse to supply healthcare. They refuse to even regulate the medical industry which is notorious for marking up the prices of life-saving drugs to unreasonable prices for no reason other than greedy profit at the top. These are the people who rig our primaries, send our kids to war for oil, support government overthrows in other countries, write off our bloated military budget, tax the people and give our money to the wealthy (like Biden giving large sums to pharmaceutical companies in his first days in office), and generally fuck our country over. These establishment democrats are no different than establishment republicans, and together they make a good team when it comes to destroying our country.

What about the rest of us? Over 80 million people voted for Biden, surely not all of them fall into one of those three wings? Surprisingly, the 80 million people who voted for Biden have more in common with the 73 million who voted for Trump than they do with most democratic politicians.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe we should end our endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. 69% of people support some form of universal healthcare — a progressive ideology. 82% of people are in favor of term limits for congresspeople — a traditionally conservative ideology. An astounding 83% of people in America support basic background checks before purchasing a gun. The American people seem unified on these policies and ideas, yet, Congress does not even consider bills relevant to these issues. If that isn’t a clear indicator that our congresspeople are not truly representative of us, then nothing is.

Americans agree more with each other than most media outlets or politicians would have you believe. Most of us, however, don’t have a party to go to. The GOP and DNC dismiss the things that bring our country together and instead focus on fringe issues that drive us apart. There is no party that holds the same values as the average American. Eventually, people will have to realize that the two-party system isn’t just broken — it is intentionally oppressing us and tearing us apart.

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